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What are the right Oklahoma City dentures for you?

December 3, 2015

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Oklahoma City dentures Decide on the right Oklahoma City dentures to replace your missing teeth. Talk to the professionals at Joe Isaacson Dental.

Dentures have replaced missing teeth reliably for generations.  With the quality materials and precise diagnostics available today, your Oklahoma City dentist, Dr. Joe Isaacson, provides several options for patients to choose.

Advantages of tooth replacement

OKC dentists and their patients do everything possible to preserve natural tooth structure. After all, your own healthy teeth provide:

  • clear speech
  • adequate biting and chewing
  • support for facial muscles and skin
  • preservation of dense jaw bone structure

When teeth go missing due to accident, decay, gum disease or other oral health problem,  Dr. Joe Isaacson and his associate dentist, Dr. Ashley Bledsoe Cook, offer several ways to replace teeth with dentures.

Types of dentures

Dentures can be either partial or full–in other words, replacing just some teeth or a complete arch of teeth. Dental labs construct partial dentures from life-like tooth- and gum-colored acrylic placed on a metal frame. Clasps secure the appliance to remaining natural teeth.

Full dentures in Oklahoma City and across the country come in 2 basic styles: immediate and conventional. Your OKC dentist will assist you in determining which kind would serve your oral health needs best.

The dentist places immediate full denture right after tooth extraction. The lab constructs the denture based on oral impressions taken before extraction. Then, after the teeth have been removed and sutures placed,  Dr. Isaacson puts the denture in the patient’s mouth.

The advantage of immediate dentures is two-fold. One, the patient leaves the office with a complete set of teeth, alleviating embarrassment. Two, the pressure from the denture helps stop the minor bleeding from the tooth extractions.

The disadvantage of immediate dentures is that both gum tissue and bone shrink after teeth are removed. So, the fit of the denture inevitably changes over time, and the appliance must be redone or relined.

Conventional full dentures fit well for the long term. Also based on oral impressions, these prosthetics are held in place by suction or may be supported by dental implants (for the most secure fit). The dentist places conventional dentures after gums have healed and any sutures removed.

Living with new dentures

The team at Joe Isaacson Dental assist new denture patients in caring for and adjusting to their replacement teeth. During the initial few weeks, facial muscles and oral tissues adjust to dentures, learning a new way to bite and chew. Speech may be a bit slurred at first, but people quickly adjust.

Regarding hygiene, the OKC dentists encourage patients to keep their routine 6-month examination appointments and to call the office as needed with any concerns, particularly regarding sore spots or fit. Also, patients should brush their dentures with a quality, ADA-approved denture product, keeping them free of bacteria and plaque. They must brush their tongue, roof of the mouth and gums to keep the mouth clean.

Contact Joe Isaacson Dental

Don’t struggle with missing teeth. Get the best tooth replacement options available by contacting Joe Isaacson Dental for a smile consultation.

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