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Oklahoma emergency dentists meet your pressing needs

August 8, 2016

Oklahoma emergency DentistIf you have ever experienced a cracked tooth, lost filling, oral laceration or broken denture, you know how concerning it is–particularly if you are in pain or are bleeding. Dr. Joe Isaacson and Dr. Ashley Cook, Oklahoma emergency dentists, understand their patients’ concerns when the unexpected happens. So, they wish to empower individuals to act in the safest and quickest way possible to get the treatment they need in their oral emergency situations.

What is a dental emergency?

In plain terms, a dental emergency is a medical situation involving your teeth, gums or other oral tissues. It’s pressing enough to involve pain, bleeding, loss of hard or soft tissue, and frankly, you cannot take care of it yourself. However, the professional team at Joe Isaacson Dental wants you to understand that you can do some dental first aid right away and that you can call the dental office anytime for expert advice and a same day appointment if necessary.

Oklahoma City dental emergencies include any number of situations, including broken teeth, lost restorations and fractured jaws. Most all are helped by a calm attitude and quick-thinking, backed up by solid medical advice. When you experience a dental health problem, always call the office first for recommendations.  Here are some examples of dental emergencies and what you can do.

You lose a tooth during a fall. You slip on wet pavement and fall down, striking your face. A front tooth is knocked out, or avulsed. Quell any bleeding by applying pressure with a gauze pad, or clean handkerchief. Rinse the tooth with water, and leave any remaining soft tissue in place.  Save your tooth in a closed container or plastic bag covered with milk or a store-bought tooth preservative. Or, if possible, replace the tooth in the empty socket, holding it in place while getting to Joe Isaacson Dental.

You lose a dental crown or filling. Restorations deteriorate over time. If you bite into some food and lose part of a filling, crown, partial or veneer, save the pieces. Cover the broken area with orthodontic wax, or even try replacing the pieces with some toothpaste. The Oklahoma emergency dentist will repair or replace the restoration as needed.

You take a hard blow to the jaw. You are in serious pain, and you cannot close your mouth. Don’t wait. Get to the nearest hospital ER right away.

You are bleeding from a cut to the lips, tongue or cheeks. Apply direct pressure for 10 to 15 minutes. If the bleeding does not stop, go the the ER for treatment.

You have a throbbing toothache. You also notice some drainage, swelling of the jaw and a bad taste in your mouth. This could be extensive decay accompanied by dental abscess or infection. Apply ice to your jaw, and call Joe Isaacson Dental for advice.

Something seems stuck between your teeth. Maybe it’s a popcorn hull or something else. Gently try removing it with dental floss. If unsuccessful, call the office team for a recommendation and appointment.

You’re in good hands

Dr. Isaacson and Dr. Cook are among the most highly rated emergency dentists in the Oklahoma City area. If you have a sudden dental health issue,  don’t hesitate.

Contact Joe Isaacson Dental immediately. The trained staff and doctors want you pain-free and safe. This is their highest priority.

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