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Don’t Allow These Holiday Foods to Damage Your Teeth!

December 3, 2020

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candy canes

The holidays are finally here! This means stringing up lights and other decorations around your home, singing along to your favorite festive songs, and breaking out the old family cookbook for some delicious recipes. However, your dentist warns that many holiday foods are actually quite harmful for your smile. Continue reading so you can find out which holiday classics you should be wary of this holiday season so that you don’t end up needing to spend extra time in the dental chair.


When it comes to this sticky, sweet beverage, you either love it or hate it. Even though the season isn’t complete without it for many people, your teeth could be paying the price. Since this beverage contains so much sugar, you might be looking at some cavities when the new year rolls around. Bacteria feeds off of sugar in the mouth and releases acid as a by-product. This damages your protective enamel by stripping away important minerals. Spiking your eggnog with brandy or bourbon has additional negative effects because you could develop dry mouth. If you want to wind down with an adult beverage, you’re better off choosing something that is less sugary and acidic, like a gin and tonic.

Baked Goods

Are you baking cookies to welcome Santa into your home this year? Your teeth will not be thanking you. These treats contain lots of sugar which will ultimately increase your risk of cavities. Remember to only have them in moderation. It is best to enjoy one with a meal when you have increased saliva flow.


For many, this is the perfect side dish to go with turkey, ham, or another protein that you have on Christmas Eve with your family. The issue is that it is comprised of mostly carbohydrates. This means that the digestion process will begin almost immediately once it enters your mouth. An enzyme in your saliva converts starches to sugar which is what bacteria in the mouth feed off of. In these end, you will be more susceptible to tooth decay.

Candy Canes

This minty treat can be refreshing, but the bad news is that you are sucking on pretty much pure sugar. Candy canes are primarily made from sucrose and contain high fructose corn syrup. Both of these sweeteners are harmful for your teeth.

Even though these treats are something we all look forward to, it’s important to have a reasonable portion size so you don’t end up with oral health issues. By being smart about what you’re eating, you can start the new year cavity-free!

About the Author

Dr. Joe Isaacson is a well experienced dentist who has been one of Oklahoma City’s premier cosmetic and family specialists for over two decades. He earned his dental doctorate from the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry and has receive many honors and certificates ever since. For more ways to keep up optimal oral health or to schedule an appointment, visit his website or call (405) 943-857

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