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Dental Implants – Oklahoma City, OK

Turn Back the Clock on Tooth Loss

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For many patients here in the greater OKC community, the loss of one or more missing teeth is already a stark reality, whether it happens because of a shocking injury or long-term oral health concerns. At Joe Isaacson Dental, we’re not interested in passing judgment – we simply want to help you regain what’s been lost. That’s why Dr. Isaacson offers dental implants, a truly revolutionary reconstructive service that’s seamlessly lifelike, highly functional, and built to last for decades. To explore this service further, please don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule an initial consultation.

Why Choose Joe Isaacson Dental for Dental Implants?

  • Dental Implant Placement & Restoration in 1 Convenient Dental Office
  • State-of-the-Art Digital Technology For Confident Treatment Planning
  • Premier Ceramic Materials – No Metals


Start to Finish Convenience

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Many general dentists in Oklahoma City have to refer their patients to outside specialists for the surgical components of dental implant care, which results in added travel time and cost. At Joe Isaacson Dental, we are happy to offer a truly comprehensive care experience in just one location. Dr. Isaacson has the specialty training and proven experience needed to personally oversee every stage of your reconstructive process, from initial planning to surgical implantation of the implant(s) to the creation of a custom, high-quality restoration that exceeds expectations.


Benefits of Dental Implants


Dental implants succeed where other, more traditional tooth replacement services fall short because of one simple secret – in addition to the white crown we’re all familiar with, they also replace the root of the tooth that’s well-hidden beneath the gums. This root is essential because it provides stimulation to the jawbone and establishes a stable foundation for the tooth, resulting in long-term health improvement for the patient. Additional benefits of choosing dental implants for your tooth replacement include:

  • Implant-retained restorations are highly attractive and very durable. They are so seamless in look and feel that you will likely not be able to distinguish them from natural teeth once they’re completed.
  • Dental implants are very conservative and won’t require surrounding natural teeth to be heavily altered in any way.
  • Implants are designed to last for several decades or even the rest of the patient’s life with the help of proper maintenance.

Dental Implant Placement and Process

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Choosing dental implants to replace your missing teeth is a great first step to investing in your smile. Not only are you opting for a more stable and longer-lasting solution, but you’re one step closer to having a fully restored smile. If you’re interested in learning more about the dental implant placement procedure, let us walk you through the process.

Learn More About Dental Implant Process

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Indications for Dental Implants

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Whether a patient has lost a single tooth or an entire mouthful, dental implants may still be the right service for replenishing your one-of-a-kind smile. Dr. Isaacson offers several styles of restorations for different dental circumstances:

Missing One Tooth

When our team is focused on filling a single gap, an implant-retained, all-ceramic crown can be paired with an individual implant. This approach will preserve the health of nearby natural teeth, and the new, aesthetic addition will blend right in without issue.

Learn More about Single Tooth Dental Implants

Missing Multiple Teeth

Implant-retained crowns can also be used to restore several teeth throughout the mouth, but a more cost-effective option may be an implant-retained bridge if the missing dental structure appeared consecutively in the mouth. This style of prosthetic relies on the support of two placed dental implants – one on either side of the gap we’re hoping to replenish.

Learn More about Dental Implant Crowns and Bridges

Missing All Teeth

Implant-retained dentures can be securely anchored in place over a small number of strategically angled implants, which makes this style of restoration more cost-effective while still providing a great degree of reliability and aesthetic value. Depending on the patient’s preferences, their new prosthetic can be permanently fixed in place or kept removable in nature if they’re already used to the convenient style of traditional dentures.

Learn More about Implant Retained Dentures

Other Types of Dental Implants

All-On-4 Dental Implants

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At our Oklahoma City office, we provide patients an avenue to finally have their missing teeth replaced using the reliable and efficient All-On-4 dental implant system. If you’re ready to experience the confidence and convenience of once again having a full set of teeth, then the first step is to contact our office to schedule a visit with Dr. Isaacson. Read on to learn more about the All-On-4 method, and with your new results, prepare to smile from “ear-to-ear!”

Learn More About All-on-4

Advanced Dental Implant Procedures

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If you’ve been told you’re not a good candidate for dental implants, it may be because you don’t have enough bone support, or your sinuses are getting in the way of successful placement. There’s no need to worry! During a consultation with Dr. Joe Isaacson, he can evaluate your smile to determine if an advanced dental implant procedure might be right for you.

Learn More About Advanced Dental Implant Procedures

Dental Implant Salvage

Implants are extremely unlikely to fail, but occasionally, the posts might fail to join with the bone, or the area around them might become infected. We’ll likely need to remove the implant in order to treat the underlying issue; in many cases, this means encouraging the growth of new bone and removing plaque or tartar that could be causing problems. Once the area is healthy again, we may be able to try and place a new dental implant.

Learn More About Dental Implant Salvage

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

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There are several components to dental implant treatment, and no two patients have the exact same needs and circumstances. That’s why determining cost can be tricky before our team has performed an in-depth consultation here in OKC. Once we better understand your current level of oral health, how many teeth need to be replaced, and what style of restoration is the ideal fit, our team members will be able to provide confident price estimates.

Dental implants may seem like a significant financial investment at first, but we assure you that the ends will more than justify the means. While more traditional services often require costly repairs and replacement over time, dental implants are designed to be successful for several decades, which means they truly pay for themselves.

Learn About The Cost of Dental Implants

Dental Implant FAQs

Dental implants allow you to make an excellent decision for your oral health and quality of life by replacing your missing teeth. Due to the materials and process used, they provide a very high success rate while looking and functioning in a very natural way. However, while you know that they are beneficial, you likely still have some questions about the procedure before you can make your final decision. To help you make an educated choice, Dr. Joe Isaacson has the answers you need.

How are Dental Implants Different?

Dental implants are far different than any other form of tooth replacement because they use implant posts, which are surgically placed into the jawbone. The body naturally fuses to the posts to create a secure and stable foundation for the prosthetic tooth.

Are Dental Implants Successful?

Dental implants are the most successful and reliable solution to treat tooth loss. In fact, they offer over a 95% 10-year success rate. With the right aftercare, like maintaining your oral hygiene and visiting your dentist, they have the potential to last for a lifetime.

Can Dental Implants Stop Bone Recession?

When a tooth is lost, the underlying jawbone is no longer stimulated. As a result, it begins to lose density, which can lead to additional tooth loss and facial deformities in the future. Dental implants are the only option to replace missing teeth that can stop bone recession.

By surgically placing the implant post into the jawbone, it stimulates the structure to encourage new bone growth. This preserves your bone density to protect any remaining natural teeth as well as your facial structures.

How Many Teeth Can Dental Implants Replace?

Dental implants can be used to treat all cases of tooth loss if you are a candidate for the procedure. To replace a single tooth, an implant post, an abutment, and a dental crown are used to fill the space. If several teeth are missing, they can be used as an alternative to a traditional bridge or partial denture. The prosthetic teeth will be held in place using an average of 1 to 2 implant posts.

Dental implants can also be used to replace an entire arch of missing teeth. A denture is created that is similar to a traditional one; however, instead of using suction or an adhesive to hold it in place, an average of 4 implant posts are used.

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Generally, if you have good oral and general health, you are a candidate for the procedure. To ensure that your risk factors for the treatment are minimal, your medical and lifestyle history will be discussed to look for issues that may hinder your body’s ability to heal and fight infections.

Get a Complete Smile Today

If you are ready to invest in your quality of life, it is time to see if dental implants are right for you. Dr. Isaacson will perform a comprehensive consultation while taking the time to answer any remaining questions. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment for a complete smile.